Mimicking Photon Source Measurement with Quantum Digital Twin: A Framework for High-Quality Randomness





Digital Twin, Quantum Digital Twin , Inherent Randomness , Random numbers, Quantum Random numbers


Digital twins are virtual duplicates of tangible objects or systems. Within computer science, they play a pivotal role in simulating the software development life cycle, allowing for dynamic real-time testing and optimisation. Expanding beyond the confines of computing, sectors like manufacturing harness digital twins for predictive maintenance, ensuring operational efficiency, while healthcare employs them to replicate patient conditions, contributing to personalised treatment strategies. Through our efforts, we are crafting a digital twin of a renowned quantum mechanical attribute. This endeavour not only grants us insights into the inherent randomness intrinsic to quantum systems but also allows us to formulate a theoretical framework for a randomness generator using the model of this quantum digital twin. The outcomes, substantiated by results and plotted figures, substantiate our assertions, making a noteworthy impact on the advancement of authentic quantum random number generator sources. We are not just creating a novel avenue for generating randomness but pioneering a paradigm shift. Rooted in the digital twin model, our comprehensive framework affirms its efficiency when compared with the precision of the photon-based model.

Author Biographies

Rounak Biswas, Visva-Bharati

Is an accomplished scholar with a Master's completed in 2019, specialising in Computer Science. He is dedicated to advancing knowledge in the field and pursuing a full-time PhD in Quantum Computation. Notably, he has been awarded a prestigious National Fellowship for Schedule Caste students, a testament to his commitment to excellence and significant contributions to the academic field. He has authored and published a research paper in a reputable journal. He further presented research findings at two international conferences, showcasing expertise in the intricate field of quantum computation. This further highlights our dedication to staying at the forefront of knowledge.

Utpal Roy, Professor, Department of Computer and System Sciences. Siksha Bhavana. Visva Bharati.

Dr. Utpal Roy holds a master's and Ph.D. in Mathematics from Visva-Bharati, followed by a tenure at Laval University in Quebec, Canada. Beginning as a Scientist Pool at IACS in Jadavpur, Calcutta, he later assumed the role of Assistant Professor in computer science at Visva-Bharati. His career also encompasses a Visiting Faculty position at Academia Sinica in Taipei, Taiwan, from 2002 to 2003. Appointed as a Professor at the Department of IT at Assam University Silchar in February 2008, he presently serves as a Professor and past Head of the Department of Computer and System Sciences at Siksha-Bhavana, Visva-Bharati, accumulating 28 years of teaching and research expertise.




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Biswas, R., & Roy, U. (2024). Mimicking Photon Source Measurement with Quantum Digital Twin: A Framework for High-Quality Randomness. International Journal of Information Technology, Research and Applications, 3(1), 26–34. https://doi.org/10.59461/ijitra.v3i1.87



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